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Allergy & Asthma

1.Detection and curative treatment

2. Asthma also curable by proper treatment.

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Hearing defect reconstruction

1. Operation

  • B) Microscopic tympanoplasty
  • C) Microscopic mastoidectomy
  • d) Microscopic ossiculoplasty
  • e) Cochlear implant surgery
  • f) Exploratory tympanotomy

2. Non-operative---Computerized Digital hearing AID and timber based digital hearing AID

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1. Operation---UPPP

2. Non-operative---cPAP

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Thyroid-Head-Neck Cancer Surgery

1. Total thyroidectomy

2. Total thyroidectomy with neck- radical dissection surgery for thyroid cancer

3. Radical-Neck dissection with chick mass excision fore head flap and DP flap reconstruction

4. Total larengectomy WITH VOICE PROSTHESIS

5. Total larengectomy with neck Dissection

6. Heamigllosectomy with neck dissection

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Rhinoplasty Surgery ( Nasal cosmetic surgery)

1. Augmentation rhinoplasty

2. Tip Correction rhinoplasty

3. Septo-rhinoplasty

4. Hump reduction rhinoplasty

5. Bifid nasal tip correction Surgery

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Phono-surgery (Voice-recostruction surgery)

1. Type-1 Thyroplasty

2. Type-2 Thyroplasty

3. Type-3 Thyroplasty

4. Type-4 Thyroplasty

5. MLS

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1. Microscopic tympanoplasty

2.Microscopic Mastoidectomy

3.Microscopic ossiculoplasty

4.Microscopic Stapes Surgery

5.Microscopic Cochlear implant Surgery

6.Microscopic Anterior and Posterior tympanotomy

7.Microscopic pre-auricular sinus-surgery

8.Laser stapedotomy

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1. Endoscopic Septoplasty

2.Endoscopic Modified SMR


4.Endoscopic Nasal Surgery

5.Endoscopic JNA operation

6.Endoscopic CSF leak repair


8.Total maxillectomy

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Facio-skelital surgery

1. Fracture reduction of floor of orbit with Titanium plating with titanium screw

2.Fracture reduction of supra- orbital margin with Titanium plating with titanium screw

3.Fracture reduction of zygoma with Titanium plating with titanium screw

4.Fracture reduction of mandible with Titanium plating with titanium screw

5. Fracture reduction of maxilla with Titanium plating with titanium screw

6.Fracture reduction of frontal bone with Titanium plating with titanium screw

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1. Microscopic Thyroidectomy

2.Parotidectomy---total and superficial

3. Sistrunk’s operation

4.SMG removal

5. Coblation Tonsillectomy

6.Mcrodevrider Adenoidectomy

7. Adenotonsillectomy


9.Posterior arytinoidectomy

10. Laser cordectomy

11. Laser Endo-DCR

12. Trachestomy