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1)Decrease hearing /diminish of hearing
2)Pain in the ear
3)Discharge from ear
4)Bleeding from ear
5)Sound in the ear /head (Tinnitus) (Sounds like : Rustling ,swishing,hissing,Roaring ,clicking
6)Heariness in ear
7)Sudden loss of hearing
8)Vertigo/Dizziness/giddiness/Loss of balance
9)foul smell of discharge from the ear
10)mass inside of the ear


1)Neck swelling (two types :i)Lateral neck swelling /mass and ii)mid-line neck mass)
2)Discharge from sinus (Mid-line neck sinus discharge ,ii)lateral neck sinus discharge )
3)Pain in the throat
4)Swelling into the mouth
5)Ulcer in the tongue
6)Altered voice (hot potato voice)
7)change of voice (hoarness )
8)Foreign body sensation in the tongue
9)pin-prick sensation in the throat
10)Burning sensation in the throat


1)Nasal Blockage
3)Common Cold
4)Rhinorrhea: watering from nose
6)Nasal itching
7)Foul Discharge from nose
8)nasal mass
9)curved /external nasal deviation
10)pain in the nose
11)bleeding from nose
12)Internal nasal septum deviation
13)watering from nose