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Tinnitus-Symptoms,Causes & Treatment

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5 Noises indicating Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a sensation of hearing ringing sound in the ear or hear loss.Tinnitus is involved with several phantom noises

  • 1) Ringing
  • 2) Buzzing
  • 3) Roaring
  • 4) Hissing
  • 5) Clicking


Tinnitus itself is not a disease but it is actually a symptom of an underlying diseases.
Main causes of Tinnitus are :
  • 1)Age Related Hearing Loss/Presbycusis: Due to age related hearing loss above 60 may cause Tinnitus.
  • 2)Earwax Blockage: Due to lack of wash earwax may accumulate in a large amount in the ear canal.This may eventually causes hear loss and Tinnitus.
  • 3)Loud Noise : Continuous exposure to very loud noise can be responsible for tinnitus and sometime permanent hear loss.
  • 4)TMJ disorders: This kind of tinnitus occurs due to problem in the temporomandibular joint .
  • 5)Problem in the ear bone: Due to abnormal growth of ear bone (otosclerosis) Tinnitus may occurs .


Tinnitus is basically two types:-
1)Subjective Tinnitus: In this kind of tinnitus only the patient can hear the buzzing sound.This is the most common types of tinnitus.
2)Objective Tinnitus: This is a kind of rare situation where not only the patient but also the doctor also hears the sound

These noises may vary from very low pitch to very high pitch .Sometimes the noise becomes so loud that it may interfere with your ability of normal hearing .In that case you may feel irritation, lack of concentration and auditory problems .

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