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  • By Admin
  • 1/10/18


Now a days with increasing Pollution, many aggravating diseases arrive more often than not - some of them might seem to be uncomplicated, but they can really prove to be a thorn in the flesh. Most common amongst them is Cold and Cough with Running Nose. Well, that time of the year has arrived yet again: when sniffling, coughing and visits to the ENT Specialists happen frequently.

But, there’s nothing to panic because thankfully Nature has provided us adequate antidotes to fight Cold and Cough-some of which we might already have in our Kitchen. So, let’s look into some of the Home Remedies that can be applied to cure Running Nose without knocking the ENT’s Door. Before we inspect these remedies, we need to have a brisk idea on the symptoms. A tickle in the throat (with repeated cough), severe headache, Running Nose, Fatigue, Fever - if any of these mishaps are going on with someone, then he/she really needs to get a jumpstart on Boosting the Immune System.

Without wasting further time, we should straight-away start with Home Remedies which can kick it to the Curb. Firstly, let’s discuss some of the virtues of Ginger which is commonly termed as “nature’s antibiotic”. The components in Ginger helps in drying dripping nose, thus eliminating the phlegm. So, it’s advisable to intake Ginger Tea during cold and cough. Besides, it’s also good for the taste buds. The matter which annoys the most during Cold and cough, is Stuffy nose. When it comes to getting rid of that problem – the best solution is trying Hot water with Lemon. The benefit of hot water is, it increases the mucus flow – yes, it might sound a bit icky, but at least it provides relief. The Lemon content provides the much-needed Vitamin C which acts as a formidable immune booster, especially when one’s suffering from Cold. During the tussle with Cold and Cough we can also rely on another weapon in our arsenal, that is Garlic. A few sautéed garlic cloves in ghee can really provide a tough Fight to the viruses. When it comes to prevention of Chest Congestion, we can try a solution of Boiled Water, Black Pepper, Cumin and Jaggery. Carrot is a veggie which is commonly found in our Kitchens – well, carrot juice can really help in preventing common cold and cough. Another essential component which we can rely upon during cold and cough, is Honey. Adding Honey to luke-lime water, is the best solution in overpowering cold and cough. We can also try mixing a teaspoon of brandy with a few drops of honey to annihilate cold and cough. Another very easily found ingredient, Tulsi leaf, can be used effectively to cure sore throat. If one’s suffering from continuous cough – he/she can consume ginger juice with crushed Tulsi leaves. Another common component which can be used wisely to wipe away cold and cough is Turmeric. If we mix turmeric in warm milk and drink it before going to bed, it accelerates the recovery from Cold. Simplest of them all, we can rely heavily on Gargling with salt-water (luke-warm) – when it’s about curing a sore throat. Nevertheless, it’s always better not falling into the trap rather than figuring out ways to get out of the trap – so maintain a routine in daily life which will help us remain Healthy and Fit. At last, we must keep an eye on what we eat and how we maintain our days – which is significant to lead a conducive life.

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