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  • By Admin
  • 1/10/18

Hearing Loss : A menace which should be expunged up front

Ears – a mesmerising device (or should we just say organ), are one of the awe- strucking parts of our body – which plays a vital role in listening to the external happenings in our environment. What if these ears doesn’t play their role? What if we remain unaware of what’s happening around us? Terrible isn’t it. That’s exactly what an individual suffering from hearing loss feels. But there’s nothing to panic – once a wise man said that “every problem brings about a new solution” – holding on to that, it can be deduced that hearing loss can also be prevented before it’s too late. So let’s discuss how worthy it is to efface hearing loss, at it’s earliest stage.

Basically, hearing loss can be defined as the inability to hear (even partial hearing is also considered in this category). To one’s surprise, it can happen in both the ears or in one ear. It can either be temporary or permanent – though if it’s prevented at a very early stage, we can get rid of it. One doesn’t have to live in the world of muted – they surely can enjoy what’s happening around.

To know how and why does hearing loss occur, first we need a crystal clear idea on how we listen to a sound signal. Actually when the sound waves comes into our ear, it causes vibration in the eardrum. The eardrum, in turn, amplifies the vibration (along with three tiny bones) which passes through the cochlea (let’s not get into the biological details). Cochlea, however, consists of numerous nerve cells – and attached to those nerve cells are tiny hairs which translate those sound signals to electrical signal (nerve impulse) which gets transmitted into our brain – lots of biology isn’t it. Well, it is necessary to know how we hear before extirpating hearing loss. Symptoms of Hearing Loss – buck yourselves whenever you notice them One of the most common symptoms is muffling of speech and other sounds. If one finds it hard to understand words especially in the presence of background noise they must consult a Doctor - preferably an ENT Specialist. Moreover, if one is feeling to raise the volume while listening to music or even if someone is frequently asking others to speak slowly (amidst a conversation) – then they must not waste any further time before addressing the ball. Let’s wipe it out; once and for all Well, now that we are aware when to start the treatment – let’s discuss the preventions in details. Ear waxes are the most neglected thing – but it can turn out to be a considerable reason for conductive loss of hearing. So, periodically we must take some time out and clean our ears (having an occasional check of the ears won’t really be hectic). One of the indispensable reasons for loss of hearing is loud noise. So, just to be a bit more aware – we can use specially designed earmuffs which resemble headphones (especially if an individual works in factory or mill, where loud noise is like a complimentary ornament). This earmuff actually brings down the intensity to quite an extent. But we must remember that the first and foremost prevention is to react as early as possible. Some Herbs to eliminate Hearing loss – affordable and effective One of the commonly asked questions are “how to treat hearing deficit?” The simplest answer would be herbs. Yeah! Herbs – as ineffective they sound, on the contrary, they can prevent hearing loss once and for all. 1. Ginkgo Biloba Tracing its origin in Asia, the Ginkgo herb is harvested from the leaves of the Ginkgo tree. On top of facilitating blood platelets production, this herb knocks down the hearing problem in a single go. Reports suggest, that these herbs facilitates proper blood circulation throughout the ear tissues thus preventing loss of hearing formidably. 2. Ginger Ginger’s use as a natural remedy, dates back to the ancient times. Research reveals that ginger contains antiviral components which is vital in preventing infections which can end up in hearing damage. Along with that, it regulates the nerve cells which eases sound transmission waves to the brain – hence preventing from any kind of hearing deficit. 3. Turmeric Well – it’s easy to find right? Even in your kitchen. True to our belief, Turmeric can be considered as one of the best medicinal herbs which can assist the brain and the body to function in an effortless manner. That notwithstanding, it’s rich potassium component plays a crucial role in healthy ear functioning. So, bottom line is - use turmeric as much as you can, to keep your ears safe and sound. Final Take before wrapping up It’s needless to say, that prevention is better than cure. So even before the disease starts laying siege, we must figure out ways (after reading this blog, one surely can figure some ways out) to abolish this hazard, permanently. As a precautionary measure we can increase the intake of Anti-oxidants (effective free radical fighter, if not the best), avoid ototoxic medication – which might be essential en route to a healthy ear functioning. At last but not the least, it’s none other than us who can take care of ourselves. So, most importantly we must be mindful of the situation – whenever we trace the symptoms of hearing hazard, we should waste little time before taking the preventive steps. We must keep one thing in our mind that, if we start taking the precautionary steps at our earliest convenience, it’s not a tough row to hoe to annihilate hearing deficit.

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